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  • Divorce in Texas: How Much Will It Cost You?

    The Law Office of Emerson Arellano we schedule you a free consultation then we decided the prices next get your cases started now schedule here

  • Can I Sue My Employer if I Am Injured at Work?

    If you were injured at work, you would typically seek financial recovery through workers’ compensation. However, there may be some exceptions in which you could sue your employer if you are injured at work. Schedule a free consultation to submit a claim and get a free consultation to start your case

  • What Types of Cases Do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

    The Law Office Of Emerson Arellano handle all types of personal injury cases visit here and get a free consultation

  • Can you sue for pain and suffering in Texas?

    Texas courts allow victims to seek financial recovery for their pain and suffering. If you have a personal injury case schedule a free consultation here

  • How Long Will My Car Accident Case Take to Settle in Texas?

    If you have fully recovered and liability is clear, complicated cases can take between one and three years to settle.

  • What is considered personal injury in Texas?

    Personal injury cases are usually based on accidents that are caused by a person's negligence, which is usually measured by a required conduct of care .

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